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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of film do you use? Our films are metalized films are designed not to fade, do not go purple or delaminate. We stock USA made films, we do not use Korean films.

  • Why so cheap? We aren't cheap we simply do it for a cheaper price. We work carefully and cost affective by only having to apply the tint once. Do it right the first time saves film and money. So we past on the savings to you.

  • How does you warranty work? For Houses we have a Lifetime Warranty covering film and workmanship failure. Cars have a Lifetime Warranty also. Commercial applications carry a 12 year warranty.

  • How does it differ from other warranties out there? Put simply, no fine print. Quite often tinting companies have clauses that state after a certain time the customer pays for labour or film costs. Not really backing their product.

So why Tinted? Whats in it for me?

  • Quality film, quality installation,
  • a customer referral program (myer vouchers),
  • a friendly smile, a heap of satisfied customers,
  • senior friendly multi visit program (just ask),
  • a love for the job
  • a special touch with your investment.
  • We are debt free and will survive to see out your warranty,