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Facts and Stats

  • Over 40% of heat in a home can be lost through windows
  • 87% of solar heat into a home is gained through the windows
  • Common windows in the home transmit as much as 75% of UV rays that damage skin and fade furnishings, carpets and curtains
  • Around 87% of the light and heat that strikes a single pane window will pass through
  • Window film can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • The humble Australian home is responsible for some 13% of the nation's greenhouse gas emissions
  • Coloured Glass (float glass) doesn't protect you home from UV, Glare, Heat like window film does.
  • Tinted use WERS rated films, ratings available on request or on the WERS website.
  • From 2012 homes sold and purchased will need an energy rating. WERS films will help achieve the ratings needed with very little investment.

From This.

Step one: Identify your problem areas, e.g. really hot rooms, glare on your plasma, high cooling and heating costs or fading furniture or carpets and security issues.

Step two: Contact Tinted on 1300 657 416 or 0437 634 755 and we come to your house and measure your windows. Show you our huge range of tinting products.

Step three:Match a Tint for your needs, whether it be for Security, Glare, Heat or UV problems or to create a feature window with a coloured tint.

Step Four:Present to you a no obligation free quote. Matching a great product to your needs.

Step Five:We will fit it at your convenience, so you then can enjoy the benefits and good looks of Tinting your windows with TINTED

The contact us form is there for you contact us if you prefer email and for any questions you may have.

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